What to Expect


Hearing Evaluation and Lifestyle Consultation

  1. hearing test and evaluation for hearing aids in the Portland OR area by Mt Hood Hearing Aid CenterWe will need to find out what type and degree of hearing loss you have. We will talk to you about your lifestyle and find out in what situations you are having the most difficulty.
  2. We will look inside your ears to check for wax build up and any abnormalities.
  3. We will then screen your hearing while you comfortable sit in a sound booth. We will instruct you on how to use the headphones and when to respond to the various tests.
  4. Some of the various tests you can expect will be: Pure tone, Bone Conduction, Discrimination, and Hearing-in-noise capabilities.
  5. If we have any concerns about the test results, we will recommend that you see your primary care provider or an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, depending on the situation.

Explanation of the Hearing Test and Recommendations

  1. We will explain the results of your hearing evaluation in terms that you can understand.
  2. We will then spend some time trying to understand your lifestyle and budget in order to tailor our recommendation to your needs.
  3. Based on all the information obtained we will discuss with you what we feel to be the “best” product for you
  4. We will clearly explain to you the following
    • The differences between the different products and features
    • Various options for warranties
    • Insurance related questions
    • Pricing, payment and financing options
  5. We will then give you all our recommendations in writing and offer you a no-money down, risk-free 30-day trial period. We want to ensure your satisfaction before you pay.
  6. Most of the hearing aids we fit will require an impression of your ear. This is a cast of your ear used by the manufacturer to build a custom product that will comfortably fit your ear. We take the impression of your ear by carefully inserting a foam dam inside your canal to protect your eardrum. Next, we will inject a silicone material in the ear and allow it to set for about 3 minutes to finally get the cast.
  7. Once we have the impression, we will place the order for the hearing aid with the manufacturer and call you when it is ready to be fitted. This can take 5-7 business days.
  8. When you come in for the fitting of your new hearing aids, we will work with you to program and personalize all the different features available to match your specific hearing needs. If applicable, we will also pair your wireless devices and show you how to use them. At this point your 30 day trial starts.
  9. Around one week after your fitting, you may need some adjustments. It is not unusual to require a few fine-tuning session as your brain adapts to being able to hear again. Follow-up care is crucial while you are adapting to your new hearing aids so we’ll schedule at least 3 follow-up appointments during the trial.
  10. We do our best to explain to you that adjusting to new hearing aids takes time and patience. It takes a certain period to adjust to all the new sounds and to a new way of hearing.
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