Recreational Hearing Protection

Hearing loss can be the result of exposure to harmful levels of recreational noise such as motorcycle riding, hunting, or concerts. It can also result from ear infections caused by water entering the ear canal while swimming, surfing, or performing other water activities. We feature the latest technology in custom recreational earplugs to allow you to continue doing your favorite activities without compromising your hearing.

Earplugs for Swimmer Ear Protection at Mt Hood Hearing Aid Center in Portland ORSwim Plugs: $155/pair

AquaNots are designed to prevent water and moisture from getting into and trapped in your ear canal. These are prefect for swimming, other watersports or even showering. They help prevent infection by keeping your ear canals dry. Highly recommended for children and those susceptible to ear infections.

  • 27dB NRR
  • Perfect for anytime you are in the water
  • Floatable material helps prevent loss
  • Finger grips help you insert and remove plugs


Earplugs for Hunter Ear Protection at Mt Hood Hearing Aid Center in Portland ORHunting Plugs: $225/pair

The Hunter Passive is designed to protect your ears from a low number of gun shots being fired in a hunting environment. The way these plugs work is with small filters that have a low 4 NRR rating which allows for awareness of your surroundings as well as communication with those around you.

  • 4dB NRR
  • Attenuation:
    132 dB = 15.1 dB
    150 dB = 22.8 dB
    168 dB = 26.7 dB
  • Suggested Uses: Impulses below 160 dB peak SPL


Earplugs for Surfer Ear Protection at Mt Hood Hearing Aid Center in Portland ORSurfer Plugs: $199/pair

The Surfer is designed to prevent infection caused by exposure to wind and cold water while allowing for the surfer or swimmer to maintain their ability to hear and have conversations.

  • Not intended as hearing protection from noise.
  • Floatable Material to help prevent loss


Earplugs for Motorsport Ear Protection at Mt Hood Hearing Aid Center in Portland ORMotorsport Plugs: $155/pair

The Motorsport is designed to reduce wind noise while practicing motorsports or on a motorcycle. They have a hollow canal and fit well under a helmet. They are easy to insert and remove along with being comfortable to wear.

  • Not intended as hearing protection from noise.
  • Check local laws for usage while operating a motor vehicle


Canal-Style Custom Plugs: $199/pair

Earplugs for Musician Ear Protection at Mt Hood Hearing Aid Center in Portland ORThese canal-style custom plugs are a low profile design with four interchangeable filter options to select the attenuation you need for your current environment. These plugs are discreet, comfortable, and have incredible clarity.

  • Perfect for: Stage performance, Nightclubs, Air Travel, Movies, Sporting Events, Dental Professionals, Performing Musicians, DJ’s and Sound Engineers
  • Filters come in the following:
    2 dB NRR with average attenuation of 14 dB
    10 dB NRR with average attenuation of 18 dB
    13 dB NRR with average attenuation of 21 dB
    15 dB NRR with average attenuation of 24 dB


Earplugs for Musician Ear Protection at Mt Hood Hearing Aid Center in Portland ORER Custom Musician’s Earplugs: $199/pair

Musician’s Earplugs have many potential uses with 4 interchangeable filter options and a solid plug option. Anytime you are around high volume music or noise for extended periods of time you are at risk of tinnitus and irreversible damage to your hearing. This plug is perfect for making music, stage shows, or just enjoying the show from the crowd, everyone needs a set of these plugs.

  • These plugs come with one set of filters.
  • Filters are made by Etymotic and come in -9/-15/-25 dB options
  • Filters are interchangeable-you can have all options for different listening environments
  • Solid plug is also available

Extra Filters purchased at the time of the order: $50 per set
Extra Filters purchased after the order has been placed: $75 per set
Solid plug: $10 per set

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