ER Custom Musicians Earplugs


Musician’s Earplugs have many potential uses with 4 interchangeable filter options and a solid plug option. Anytime you are around high volume music or noise for extended periods of time you are at risk of tinnitus and irreversible damage to your hearing. This plug is perfect for making music, stage shows, or just enjoying the show from the crowd, everyone needs a set of these plugs.

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  • These plugs come with one set of filters.
  • Filters are made by Etymotic and come in -9/-15/-25 dB options
  • Filters are interchangeable-you can have all options for different listening environments
  • Solid plug is also available 
  • Extra Filters purchased at the time of the order $50 per set
  • Extra Filters purchased after the order has been placed $75 per set
  • Solid plug $10 per set