Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

hearing aid batteries promotion coupon hearing aid accessories portland ORWe are dedicated to ensuring that our customers’ hearing aids are functioning to the best of their ability and we are able to do this with the use of fresh high quality batteries.

Your hearing aids require the use of high quality batteries to function properly. If you are not using a recently-made quality battery you may experience issues such as short battery life, low battery warnings even with a “fresh” battery, poor sound quality, or automatic features on the hearing aids not working as they should.

Every day people purchase their batteries at the grocery store, drug store, or even in bulk at big box stores. There are many products in which buying in bulk makes sense and can save you money but unfortunately hearing aid batteries are not one of those items.

High Quality Batteries for Hearing Aids

Batteries come with an expiration date, but even though the expiration date has not passed the battery might no longer be fresh if it has been stored in an environment where the temperature or humidity was not ideal. Our high quality batteries come directly from the manufacturer and we order fresh ones every month so they never have a chance to sit in storage and lose their charge.

We have done some research among our clients and discovered that many of the people that experience battery-related issues have been buying batteries bulk or from the grocery store. In many instances these people would get on average 2-3 days less when compared to using high quality batteries such as the ones we stock.

How do I know what size battery to purchase?

Hearing aid batteries come in four main sizes. Each size battery is numbered and is color coded which makes it easier for you to remember what battery to purchase. We use zinc air batteries on all of the hearing aids we offer.

hearing aid batteries promotion coupon hearing aid accessories portland OR

  • Size 10 is coded yellow and is the smallest
  • Size 312 is coded brown and is larger than the 10, similar to the 13 but not as thick
  • Size 13 is coded orange and is similar in size to the 312 but is thicker
  • Size 675 is coded blue and is larger and thicker then all of the other batteries

Some models of hearing aids come with a rechargeable battery system but it is not the most common system on the market. We prefer using zinc air batteries due to these batteries performing equally as well when new or towards the end of their life. We have noticed that when rechargeable batteries are no longer holding the charge the hearing aid becomes negatively affected.

How long should my battery last?

The average length of a hearing aid battery is between 1-2 weeks. There are many factors that affect the length of the battery such as:

  • The amount of hours a day you wear the hearing aid
  • If you are not opening the battery compartment when the hearing aid is not in use
  • Automatic features on the hearing aid drains the battery quicker when you are in a noisy environment
  • The louder the volume is set the more drain on the battery
  • Bluetooth streaming contributes to battery drain

How will I know when my battery needs to be changed?

Your hearing professional should discuss with you when to change your battery. All hearing aids that we carry will give you an audible low battery warning to indicate the battery needs to be changed. Even though the batteries will not last the exact same time on both ears, unless otherwise indicated, we always recommend that you change the battery on both hearing aids at the same time.

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