Do you want to stay active, vibrant, socially engaged, and successful?

I believe that most of us would say yes to all these questions. Well, it might be time that you give some attention to something we all take for granted, our hearing.

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Like many baby boomers you probably have been exposed to a lot of noise over the years. Gradually we can lose the hearing that we once had. You might notice difficulty understanding conversation at a restaurant or dinner party or business meeting.

Addressing hearing loss can be one of the easiest and best ways to improve your quality of life and keep yourself youthful. Many boomers are unaware and surprised to learn that technology has revolutionized the world of hearing instruments. Nowadays you can get hearing devices that are virtually invisible, fully automatic and very comfortable. Hearing aids now can connect to your smartphones, TV’s, tablets and other electronic devices.
1. Potential Earning Increases: To do the best job possible at work you need to hear well. One study found that using hearing devices reduced the risk of income loss by 90-100% for those with milder hearing loss and from 65-77% for those with severe to moderate hearing loss.

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2. Deeper intimacy in relationships. The best and most important part of a personal relationship with your partner is being emotionally connected. Don’t let those sweet nothings go unheard. Intimacy relies on good communication.

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3. Boost your mood and drop the stress. Hearing loss often makes a person feel angry, frustrated, anxious, isolated, and depressed. Our mental health is greatly impacted by our emotions and our mood and treating hearing loss can help people begin to re-engage socially.

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4. Improvement to your self-confidence. Those with hearing loss typically report an improved and enhanced emotional well-being after being fitted with hearing aids. People become less self-critical because they are naturally hearing the world around them without struggling.

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5. Improved cognitive functioning. Hearing loss can rapidly push someone into depression and being depressed for too long can have real consequences such as an increased risk of dementia.

So go for it and take the next step. Come in and have your hearing tested. It may be the key to helping you stay and feel young forever!