Types of Hearing Loss

Types of Hearing Loss

There are 4 main types of hearing loss: Conductive, Sensori-neural, Mixed, and Congenital.

Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss is caused by any condition or disease that blocks or impedes the conveyance of sound through the middle ear. The result is a reduction in the sound intensity (loudness) that reaches the cochlea. Generally, the cause of conductive hearing loss can be treated with a complete or partial improvement in hearing.

Sensori-neural Hearing Loss

Sensori-neural hearing loss results from inner ear orauditory nerve dysfunction. Often, the cause cannot be determined. It is typically irreversible and permanent. It, too, reduces the intensity of sound, but it might also result in a lack of clarity even when sounds, particularly speech, are loud enough. The treatment for sensori-neural hearing loss is amplification through hearing aids.

Mixed Hearing Loss

A mixed hearing loss is a combination of a conductive and a sensori-neural hearing loss. Hearing aids can be beneficial for persons with a mixed hearing loss, but caution should be exercised.

Congenital Hearing Loss

Congenital hearing loss implies that the hearing loss is present at birth. It can include hereditary hearing loss or hearing loss due to other factors present either in utero (prenatal) or at the time of birth.

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