Degree of Hearing Loss

Degree of Hearing Loss

Depending on the severity of the impairment, the different levels of hearing loss are referred to as degrees. Hearing loss affects everyone differently and it varies by degree from person to person.

Degree of Hearing Loss Hearing Threshold (in decibels, dB) Ability to Hear Speech
None 0 – 25 dB “Normal Hearing” No noticeable difficulty.
Mild 26 – 40 dB Difficulty understanding soft speech and conversations, especially in noisier or more reverberant situations. Does alright understanding in quiet and one-on-one situations.
Moderate 41 – 55 dB Difficulties understanding speech. Hearing is difficult with the presence of background noise. Higher volume levels are needed for TV or radio.
Moderate to Severe 56 – 70 dB Clarity of speech is considerably affected. Speech has to be much louder than normal, difficulties conversing in groups.
Severe 71 – 90 dB Normal speech is muffled. Difficulties even with loud speech. Comprehension may only be possible by shouting or amplification.
Profound 91+ dB Even amplified speech is difficult to understand or even inaudible. Difficulty hearing sounds such as a motorbike or power tools
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